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My Story

Hi, I'm Jen, the sole owner of JF Impressions.

 I launched my business in May 2022.

I'm the face behind the designing, the website, the printing and pressing and all the communication.

 I have always been interested in all forms of arts and crafts and I was never happy unless I was doing something creative.

May 2022 was when I discovered sublimation.

 Sublimation is the art of transferring a digital design onto a product using infusible ink, coupled with heat (usually via some form of heat press). The difference with infusible ink, is that when it's heated, it activates and transfers into a gas, which then clings to your product.. The image on the product then becomes permanent, which means it's not a sticker or transfer and is fully embedded. This then creates a top quality item. 

I try to design products for all occasions and I am always more than happy to do my best to cater for specific needs so don't hesitate to contact me for any special requirements.

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